International Research Journal of Finance and Economics
 Issue 98
 September, 2012
Governance and Growth in MENA Region Evidence from Panel Data Analysis
Mahmoud Abdelbaky
A Recommendation of Model for Determining Companies’ Financial Risk: An Empirical Analysis in the Istanbul Stock Exchange
Mustafa Yanartas and Ferudun Kaya
Does Economic Policy Uncertainty in the United States Affect Stock Market Performance in Europe?
Vichet Sum
Does Work Place Sexual Harassment Matter?
Muhammad Imtiaz Subhani, Syed Akif Hasan, Tayyaba Azmat and Amber Osman
Sub Unions into EU: A Review under Recent Debt Crisis
Konstantinos J. Liapis
Indication of the Determinants to Audit and Analyze Financial Statements is a Major Challenge to the Legal Accountant {Analytical Study to the Views of Jordanian Chartered Accountants}
Saeed Mikhled Ahmad Al-Naimat
Risk Management and Mitigation Techniques in Islamic Finance A Conceptual Framework
Sunitha Kumaran
Comprehensive or Net Income in Performance Evaluation of Insurance Firms: Evidence from GCC Countries
Seref Turen and Fatima S. Abbas Al Hussiny
Internal Marketing Approach in Human Resources Management: A Case Study on a State Establishment
Ahmet Güven and Hümeyra Sadaklioglu
Interaction Modeling of the U. S, China, Japan and Philippine Stock Exchange
YihChing Tsaih, HuiChen Chiang and YiChieh Chen
Developed and Emerging Stock Markets during the Global Financial Crisis
Seema Narayan and Silvia Zia Islam
Bye to Vertical Integration and Welcome to the Horizontal Integration in the Textile Business
Muhammad Imtiaz Subhani, Syed Akif Hasan, Muhammad Nayaz and Amber Osman
Perceived Benefit Analysis of Sales Promotion: A Case of Consumer Durables
Uma Sankar Mishra, Jyoti Ranjan Das, Bibhuti Bhusan Mishra and Pallavi Mishra
The ADL Test for Threshold Cointegration to Test the Validity of Purchasing Power Parity
Su-ling Tsai, Jia-hsi Weng and Chi-lin Lin
Size and other Determinants of Corporate Effective Tax Rates in US Listed Companies
Francisco J. Delgado, Elena Fernandez-Rodriguez and Antonio Martinez-Arias