International Research Journal of Finance and Economics
 Issue 94
 July, 2012
Predicting Corporate Failure of UK's Listed Companies: Comparing Multiple Discriminant Analysis and Logistic Regression
Alhassan Bunyaminu and Mohammed Issah
The Factors Affecting Capital Structure for Each Group of Enterprises in Each Debt Ratio Threshold: Evidence from Vietnam's Seafood Processing Enterprises
Nguyen Thanh Cuong and Nguyen Thi Canh
Effectiveness of Event Risk Covenants in High Yield Bonds: Evidence from Long-Run Stock Performance
Manish Tewari and Pradipkumar Ramanlal
Measuring the Degree of Competition in the Lebanese Banking System
Chawki EL Moussawi and Wadad Saad
An Analysis of the Intra-Industry Trade between Turkey and the Middle East Countries
Murat Ozan Başkol
Impact of Institutional Investments and Macro-Economic Variables in the Indian Equity Market
T. Mohanasundaram and P. Karthikeyan
Investigating the Effect of Foreign Direct Investment Technology Transfer on Mass Customization Capability in Jordan's Manufacturing Sector
Zu'bi M. F. Al-Zu'bi, Samer E. Dahiyat, Taleb Warrad, Rifa't O. Shannak and Ra'ed (Moh'd Taisir) Masa'deh
A Study on Profit Maximisation in a Volatile Stock Market
K. Govindarajan, S. Balachandran, V. Vijay Anand and R. Vijesh
The Theory of Monopolistic Competition: Implication for Excess Capacity in the Global System for Mobile Communication Industry in Nigeria
Adegoke Yetunde O.
Consumer Criteria for the Selection of an Islamic Bank: Evidence from Pakistan
Muhammad Imtiaz Subhani, Syed Akif Hasan, Muhammad Fayzan Rafiq, Muhammad Nayaz and Amber Osman
Evaluating the Impact of Financial Development on Economic Growth in Jordan
Idries Mohammed Al-Jarrah, Zu'bi M. F. Al-Zu'bi, Osama Omar Jaara and Muhammad Alshurideh
Distribution Decision Affects Stock Price Volatility: An Evidence from Asia
Hyder Ali Khawaja, Niaz Ahmed Bhutto, Falah-ud-Din Butt and Naveed Anwar
A Study on Capital Market Operation Movements Due to Asymmetry of Conditions in the Financial Market
Narges Alizadeh, MohammadReza Hasanzadeh, Somayeh Naserzade, Elhame moghadamnia and Maryam Najafi Piraste
Audit Quality and Cost of Equity Capital: Evidence of Iran
Zohreh Hajiha and Neda Sobhani
Return Determinants of ADRs: Evidence from Cointegration and Granger Causality Analysis on Turkcell
Hakan Tunahan and Ahmet Selçuk Dizkırıcı