International Research Journal of Finance and Economics
 Issue 82
 January, 2012
Performance Evaluation of Survivorship-Biased Open-Ended Mutual Funds in Pakistan
Haroon Rasheed and Abdul Qadeer
Company Green Score and Stock Price
Ilhan Meric, Carol D. Watson and Gulser Meric
Effect of Family Control and Board Structure on Earnings Management
Seyed Hossein Hosseini and Mohamadreza Abdoli
A Study on the Customer Relationship Management Model Adaptability with the Municipality Services and Duties Environment
Siyamak Eslami
Using Stochastic Mortality Models to Measure Longevity Risk in Developed Countries
Chou-Wen Wang, Yu-Ling Liou and Chin-Wen Wu
Gauging the Financial Performance of Banking Sector using CAMEL Model: Comparison of Conventional, Mixed and Pure Islamic Banks in Pakistan
Rehana Kouser and Irum Saba
The Impact of Population Pressure on Carbon Dioxide Emissions: Evidence from a Panel-Econometric Analysis
Karnjana Sanglimsuwan
Long Run Effect of Education on GDP: An Empirical Evidence from BCIM Countries
Md. Mostafizur Rahman and Liu Peng
Motives of Stock Repurchases and Payout Policy
Cho-Min Lin, Chia-Hung Teng and Cheng-Hui Chang
Business Cycle Trends and Energy Prices Application with G7 Economies
Abdullah Al-Salman, Khalifa Ghali and Nayef Al-Shammari
Measurement System Analysis for Yarn Strength Spinning Processes
Muhammad Amin, Atif Akbar, Muhammad Akram and Muhammad Aman Ullah
Can Better Institutions Attract More Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)? Evidence from Developing Countries
Ourvashi Bissoon
Accounts Receivables Risk Management in Indian Pharmaceutical Industry: Financial Model Building in Revived Scenario
Saroj Kanta Biswal, Alaka Samantaray and Anita Sahoo
Horticulturing and Landscaping as Business Ventures
Afolayan, S. O, Ogedengbe, K., Idris, B.A., Yaduma, J. J., Shuaibu, S. M and Muazu, Y. G
Codification Investment Strategy in Different Financial Market Conditions Base on Limit Rationality Theory and Rational Theory
Narges Alizadeh, Maryam Piraste, Elham Moghadamnia, Maryam Sadeghian and Mohammad Mahdi Bahrampour