International Research Journal of Finance and Economics
 Issue 81
 December, 2011
Mapping Fuzzy Approach in Engineering Economics
Majid Shahriari
Impact of Managerial Ownership on Financial Policies and the Firm’s Performance: Evidence Pakistani Manufacturing Firms
Shahab-u-Din and Attiya Javid
Marketing is All about Taking Money from Customers (An Application of Tobit Model)
Muhammad Imtiaz Subhani, Syed Akif Hasan and Amber Osman
Constraints Affecting the Efficiency of Mutual Funds in the Saudi Financial Market
Abdullah Barakat, Ehab Nazmy and Mahd Ali Al- jabali
Examining the Effect of RBA Target Rate News on the Interest Rate Futures Market
Lee A. Smales
Causes of Child Labour and Discrimination of Wages in Different Sectors: A Case of Urban Multan, Pakistan
Ghulam Yasin, Farzana Qasim and Farhan Ahmad Faiz
Stock Price Variation Regarding Macro-Economic and Firm-Specific Accounting Variables: Evidence from Karachi Stock Exchange
Muhammad AZAM
An Empirical Estimation of The Contribution of Energy Saving Systems (ESS) Toward Cost Reduction and Efficiency: Productivity Improvement in Thracian SME’S
Efthimios Stathakis, Demetrios V Bandekas, Pantelis Adoniadis, Panagiotis Arsenos and Nikolaos Vordos
Early Adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in the US capital Markets
Arbër H. Hoti and Artor R. Nuhiu
The Importance of Relationship Management with Small Shareholders in Value Creation: Illustration by French and Tunisian Backgrounds
Theiri Saliha and Ati Abdessatar
Risk Aversion and Stockholding Behavior of U.S. Households
M. Humayun Kabir, Shamim Shakur and Jie Liu
Is There a Wealth Transfer Effect in Strategic Alliances?
Weiju Young and Chun-An Li
Book-Building, Price Limits Removal, and IPO’s Stock Price Behavior in Taiwan: Share Allocation Mechanism Matters
Gili Yen, Jian-Fa Li, Cheng-Yih Hong, Yih-Bey Lin and Yi-Ju Chen
Determinants of Commercial Banks Performance: Evidence from Jordan
Husni Ali Khrawish
Do Jordanian Firms Smooth their Dividends? Empirical Test of Symmetric and Asymmetric Partial Adjustment Models
Ziad Zurigat and Mohammad Gharaibeh