International Research Journal of Finance and Economics
 Issue 68
 May, 2011
Corporate Governance: A Summary Review on Different theory Approaches
Zou Ping and Cheng Wui Wing, Andy
Intraday Returns and Weekday Effects in the Dow Jones and Nasdaq Stock Indexes
Hai-Chin Yu, Michael S. Pagano and Chia-Yi Wu
Is Inflation Targeting A Necessary Condition for Anchoring Expectations?
Ismail H. Genc, Ilker Kaya and Mehmet Gumus
Do U.S. Stock Prices Exhibit Mean Reversion? Evidence from Recent Nonlinear Unit Root Tests
Vasudeva N.R. Murthy, Kenneth Washer and John Wingender
Financial Performance Evaluation of Some Selected Jordanian Commercial Banks
Ahmed Arif Almazari
Residential Investment and Non Residential Investment in Iran (The Impulse Response Function)
Mohammad Nabi Shahiki Tash and Javad Keramati
The Availability of Properties, Technical & Organizational Requirements for the Accounting Information Systems Necessary to Meet the Requirements of Modern Management (Case Study of Jordanian Pharmaceutical Companies)
Abdel Rahman Kh. El Dalabeeh and Mohammed Yassin Rahahleh
Value-at-Risk Analysis for Nikkei 225 Futures: Innovations of Fat-tail and Long-memory in Returns
Hung-Wen Cheng and Chih-Yung Lin
Limitations of the Black-Scholes Model
Dean Teneng
Foreign Institutional Investment in Indian Capital Market: A Study of Last One Decade
Narendra Singh Bohra and Akash Dutt
U. S. Private Saving Behavior
Samih Antoine Azar
The Impact of Corporate Governance on Auditor Choice
Gholamhossein Mahdavi, Mohammad Monfared Maharlouie, Fahime Ebrahimi and Mehdi Sarikhani
Factors Affecting the Role of Internal Auditor in the Protection of Computerized Accounting Information Systems from Electronic Penetration (A Field Study on Banks Operating in Jordan)
Jamal Adel Sharairi
Impact of Inflation on Household Consumption -A Case of Pakistan
Muhammad Mazhar Manzoor, Asad Ali Siddiqui, Abdul Sattar, Muhammad Fahim and Shagufta Rasheed
Risk Mitigation in Islamic Finance through Policies and Regulatory Model- A Way to Long-Term Stability
Abdul Rehman Zaki, Abdul Sattar and Muhammad Mazhar Manzoor