International Research Journal of Finance and Economics
 Issue 66
 May, 2011
"An Evaluation of the Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Nigerian Fiscal Federalism"
AMBA, Daniel Amwe
The Relationship between Risk and Return: An Empirical Study of Kuwait Stock Exchange
Khalid Amin Abdullah, Mohamed Khaled Al-Jafari, Hatim Al Tai and Abdullah Al Ahmad
Facing the Global Financial Crisis - Policy Lessons and Recovery from Small Mauritius
Verena Tandrayen-Ragoobur
Performance-relevance between Non-financial and Financial Measures of Training in Public Accounting Industry
Lee-Wen Yang, Yi-Fang Yang and Yahn-Shir Chen
Renewable Electricity Generation and Economic Growth: Panel-Data Analysis for OECD Members
Yusuf BAYRAKTUTAN, Metehan YILGÖR and Sefer UÇAK
The Impact of Working Capital Efficiency on Profitability - an Empirical Analysis on Jordanian Manufacturing Firms
Osama Suhail Hayajneh and Fatima Lahcen Ait Yassine
Impact of Audit Quality on Earnings Management: Evidence from Iran
Mahdi Safari Gerayli, Abolfazl Momeni Yanesari and Ali Reza Ma'atoofi
The Relationship between Inflation and Inflation Uncertainty: A Case Study for Saarc Region Countries
Anum Asghar, Khalil Ahmad, Sami Ullah, Bedi-uz-Zaman and Muhammad Tahir Rashid
Determinants of Corporate Capital Structure Under Different Debt Maturities
Ho-Yin Yue
Analysis of Technical Efficiency of Indonesian Manufacturing Industries: An Application of DEA
Putu Mahardika Adi Saputra
Factors Influencing the Profitability of Conventional Banks of Pakistan
Muhammad Farhan Akhtar, Khizer Ali and Shama Sadaqat
Factors Influencing the Profitability of Islamic Banks of Pakistan
Muhammad Farhan Akhtar, Khizer Ali and Shama Sadaqat
The Effect of Capital Requirements on Banking Risk
Ali Awdeh, Chawki EL-Moussawi and Fouad Machrouh
Interaction between Demographic and Financial Behavior Factors in Terms of Investment Decision Making
Suleyman Gokhan Gunay and Engin Demirel
The Analysis of Relationship between Stock Prices and Exchange Rates: Evidence from Six Middle Eastern Financial Markets
Parham Parsva and Hooi Hooi Lean
Impulse Purchasing as a Purchasing Behaviour and Research on Karaman
Selda Başaran Alagöz and Nezahat Ekici