International Research Journal of Finance and Economics
 Issue 63
 March, 2011
The Turkish Phillips Curve Experience and the New Keynesian Phillips Curve: A Conceptualization and Application of a Novel Measure for Marginal Costs
Gökhan Saz
Single Versus Multiple Bank Relationships and Firm Performance: An Econometric Model for some Tunisian Firms
Djelassi Mouldi, Hakimi Abdelaziz and Hamdi Helmi
A Proposal to Strengthen Relations Bench-User, Increase Investment Credits and Improving Economy
Alberto Ramírez-Ceballos and Pilar Valencia-DeLara
Timeliness of Reporting and the Quality of Financial Information
Rabia Aktaş and Mahmut Karğın
Methodology for Cluster Model Analysis for Technical and Workforce Needs of Companies in Universities Research Parks
Marina Litvintseva
The Impact and Consequences of Tax Revenues' Components on Economic Indicators: Evidence from Panel Group Data
Taufik Abdul Hakim and Imbarine Bujang
The Forecast Domestic Investment, Employment, GDP in US by Optimal Ordering of Variables and Bootstrap Replications in SVECM
Ringo Kwok-Keung Yau
Finance-Growth Nexus: Evidence from a Panel of MENA Countries
Husam-Aldin Nizar AL-Malkawi and Naziruddin Abdullah
Democracy and FDI Inflow: Evidence of Discordance in Sub-Saharan Africa
Collins E. Okafor, Nacasius U. Ujah, Ahmed Y. Elkassabgi and Winifred U. Ajalie
A Theoretical Review on the use of the Static Trade off Theory, the Pecking Order Theory and the Agency Cost Theory of Capital Structure
Devinaga Rasiah andPeong Kwee Kim
Real Activities Manipulation and Asymmetric Timeliness of Earnings: New Evidences from Iran
Hossein S. Sajadi, Mohsen Dastgir, Vali Khodadadi, Ali H. Hossein Zadeh and Abbas Aflatooni
The Explanatory Power of Earnings for Security Returns: Further Evidence for the UK
Wael Mostafa
Labour Market Consequences after Fraud and Lawsuit Revelation
Suria Majdi and Rashidah Abdul Rahman
Banking Crisis and Financial Stability in Nigeria
Samuel O. Fadare
The Impact of Organizational Culture on Knowledge Sharing: The Context of Jordan's Phosphate Mines Company
Raid Moh'd Al-adaileh