International Research Journal of Finance and Economics
 Issue 62
 February, 2011
Globalization, Technology, and Income Inequality: New Evidence
Chatchai Chordokrak and Pandej Chintrakarn
The Effects of Changes in Minimum Wage on Employment in Indonesia: Regional Panel Data Analysis
Devanto Pratomo
Real Earnings Management and the Value Relevance of Earnings
Yasin S. Fazeli and Habib A. Rasouli
Les Déterminants du Taux de Change à L'horizon Court, Moyen et Long
Adouka Lakhdar, AIT Ziane Kamel, Bouguelli Zohra and Benbouziane Mohamed
Determinant Factors of Hong Kong Stock Market
Alexandros E. Garefalakis, Augustinos Dimitras, Dimitris Koemtzopoulos and Konstantinos Spinthiropoulos
The Relationship between Working Capital Management and Profitability: Evidence from an Emerging Market
Hasan Agan Karaduman, Halil Emre Akbas, Arzu Ozsozgun Caliskan and Salih Durer
The Application of DEA based Malmquist Productivity Index in Organizational Performance Analysis
Ali Mohammadi and Habibollah Ranaei
An Analysis of Energy Intensity in Indonesian Manufacturing
Djoni Hartono, Tony Irawan and Noer Azam Achsani
Deficient Level of the Availability and Ineficient Use of School Resource Inputs Leads to their Wastage and the Lower Level of Student Achievement: An Issue of Resource Management
Muhammad Arshad Dahar, Riffat Tahira Dahar and Rashida Ahmad Dahar
Mis-allocation of Student Teacher Ratio, Class size and Per Student Expenditure Leads to the Wastage of Resources and Lower Academic Achievement: An Issue of Resource Management
Muhammad Arshad Dahar and Fayyaz Ahmad Faize
The Efficacy of SARIMA Models for Forecasting Inflation Rates in Developing Countries: The Case for Turkey
Gökhan Saz
Assessing Sustainability of Lebanese Public Debt: A Cointegration Analysis Approach
Wadad Saad
A Study for Identifying Cost-of-Equity Models and Factors Affecting on Cost-of-Capital
Hossein Panahian and Aliakbar Farzinfar
Is There a Trade-off between Current-Account Deficits and Economic Growth? The Case of Turkey
Fuat Sekmen and Mustafa Calisir
Optimal Inflation Targets and the Role of the Central Bank in Albania
Armand Kapllani