International Research Journal of Finance and Economics
 Issue 104
 January, 2013
Evaluation of Bank-Branches Technical and Scale Efficiency using Data Envelopment Analysis: Case of a Moroccan Regional Bank
Saâd Benbachir, Mohamed Abouch, Yassine El Haddad and Anas Benbachir
A Study on Profit Maximization in Stock Split
K. Govindarajan, S. Balachandran and S. Sruthi
Actual Share Repurchases and Liquidity: Evidence from Thailand
Yordying Thanatawee
Optimal International Asset Allocation and Equity Home Bias in Emerging Markets
Stephen G. Hall and Dalia R. El-Edel
Measuring the Impact of GDP Growth Rate on Poverty in Pakistan
Naveed Iqbal Syed and Shamim A. Sahibzada
A Comparison between Fama–French Three-Factor Model and Capital Asset Pricing Model for Forecasting Stock Return of the Companies Listed on the Tehran Stock Exchange
Mohammad Ramazan Ahmadi, Alireza Eghbali and Usef Khoshkuripour
Foreign Primary Listings and Earnings Quality
Ling Mei Cong
How have Asian EQuity Markets Integrated with the World – Evidence from the New Millennium?
Alice M. Chung and Karen Wong
GDP and Export Relationship in Turkey by Considering Custom Union and 2001 Crisis
Emre Aksoy and Taylan Taner Dogan
Stocks Portfolio Optimization using Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm
M. El hachloufi, Z. Guennoun and F. Hamza
The Effect of the IFRS Implementation on the Narrative Part of the Financial Reporting an Investigation of the Greek Banking Sector
Augustinos I. Dimitras, Alexandros E. Garefalakis and Pandelis V. Zisis
The Determinants of Capital Structure Choice: Evidence from Iranian Companies
Mohammad Reza Ebrati, Farzad Emadi and Mohammad Bakhshi
Does Meeting Earnings Thresholds Matter?
Ai-Chi Hsu, Ya-Chiu Angela Liu and Yong-Yi Li
Market Neutral Diversification for Individual European Investors: A Risk - Return Improving Strategy under the Sand and an Appealing Niche for the ETF Industry
Fabio Pizzutilo and F. Calò
Does Spousal Health Insurance Contribute to the Supply of Micro-Entrepreneurs?
Hatice Karahan