International Research Journal of Finance and Economics
 Issue 103
 January, 2013
Executive Turnover, Risk-Taking, and Efficiency among Banks in Emerging Asian Countries
Day-Yang Liu and Chang-Sheng Liao
Growth Options, Complementary Goods, and Strategic Investment Decisions
Shuh Liang, Johnson T. S. Cheng and I-Ming Jiang
Analysis of the Interrelationship between FDI and Laos Economy
Phoukeo Vongvichith
Predictability of Asset Returns in Developed and Emerging Markets
Ankit Sharma and Keyur Thaker
The Effects of US and UK Quantitative Easing Policies on Exchange Rates: a Time Series Analysis
Michel Dupuy and Sylvie Lacueille
Value Investing in Indian Stock Market: an Application of the Magic Formula Approach
Jaspal Singh and Kiranpreet Kaur
The Aftermarket Performance of Initial Public Offerings in the Stock Exchange of Thailand
Chiraphol N. Chiyachantana, Theerawat Pinta Nareerat Taechapiroontong and Anantaporn Wongkham
The Impact of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems on Accounting Processes in the Fundamental Metals Industry in Iran
Morteza Karimi, Mohsen Asgari, Zeinolabedin Sadeghi and Parichehr Amirhassani
Dynamics of Dependence between Real Estate and Stock Markets of Emerging Countries in Asia
Chiu-Lan Chang and Paul L. Hsueh
A Study on the Stationarity of Volatility Index in India
Dipti Ranjan Mohanty and Susanta Kumar Mishra
Theoretical Model for Zakat-Based Islamic Microfinance Institutions in Reducing Poverty
Abdul Ghafar Ismail and Bayu Taufiq Possumah
Multiple Tax Practices and Taxpayers’ Non-compliance Attitude in Nigeria
Oboh, Collins Sankay, Yeye, Olufemi and ISA, Envulu Filibus
Spillover Effect in the MENA Area: Case of Four Financial Markets
Marwane El Alaoui and Saâd Benbachir
Private Philanthropy in Financing Public Universities: Fundraising Stochastic Frontier and Efficiency Evaluations
G. Thomas Sav
The New Paradigm of Corporate Finance: Ethics in Finance, ICTs, Financial Globalization and Stakeholder Responsibility
Leire San-Jose, Jose-Luis Retolaza, Sara Urionabarrenetxea Maite Ruiz-Roqueñi and Juan-Antonio Azkunaga