International Research Journal of Finance and Economics
 Issue 58
 December, 2010
Unofficial Dollarization (Evidence from Jordan (1988-2007))
Ohoud Kasawneh, Razan Salem and Thair Al shaher
Study on Substitution Relationship of Domestic and Imported Fruit in Taiwan
Sheng-Ju Huang, Jia- Jan Lee and Chiang-Ren Show
Capital Structure Decisions in the Iranian Corporate Sector
Mehdi Janbaz
Affect of Leverage on Risk and Stock Returns: Evidence from Pakistani Companies
Afkar Majeed Bhatti, Kamran Majeed, Ijaz-ur-Rehman and Waqas Anwar Khan
The Impact of Inflation on Rural Poverty in Indonesia:an Econometrics Approach
Iman Sugema, Toni Irawan, Deniey Adipurwanto, Ade Holis and Toni Bakhtiar
Consumer Price Index for the Poor (CPI-P): an Empirical Analysis of Indonesia
Iman Sugema, M. Iqbal Irfany, Ade Holis and Toni Bakhtiar
Saving, Investment and Capital Mobility in G-7 Countries: Time Varying Parameters Approach
Ibrahim Arısoy and Harun Ušak
Empirical Modelling of the Impact of Financial Innovation on the Demand for Money in Nigeria
Matthew, O. Augustina, Fasina, F. Fagbeminiyi, Olowe, Olusegun and Adegboye, B. Folasade
The Dynamic Adjustment of the Financial Ratios under a Partial Adjustment Model with Adaptive Expectations Specification
Mariluz Mate-Sánchez and Manuel Ruiz-Marin
Analysis of Mortgage Fees Differentials among Four Types of Lenders in Australia
Benjamin Liu and Mark Brimble
Is Crude Oil Price Affected by the US Dollar Exchange Rate?
Alex YiHou Huang and Yi-Heng Tseng
Testing the Weak form of Efficient Market Hypothesis: Empirical Evidence from Asia-Pacific Markets
Kashif Hamid, Muhammad Tahir Suleman, Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah and Rana Shahid Imdad Akash
An Investigation of the Finance-Growth Nexus: Study of Asian Developing Countries Using Multivariate VAR Model
Bidisha Mukhopadhyay and Rudra P. Pradhan
Volatility Linkages among India, Hong Kong and Singapore Stock Markets
Nikolaos Sariannidis, George Konteos and Evangelos Drimbetas
Demographic Profile As a Determinant of Default Risk in Housing Loan Borrowers -Applicable to Indian Condition
Mritunjay Kumar