International Research Journal of Finance and Economics
 Issue 52
 October, 2010
Impact of Economic Freedom on Economic Growth: The Case of Some Selected SAARC Member Countries
Khalid Mahmood, Toseef Azid, Imran Sharif Chaudhry and Muhammad Zahir Faridi
A Nexus between Foreign Direct Investment & Pakistan's Economy
(Co-Integration & Error Correction Approach) Muhammad Zahid Awan, Bakhtiar Khan and Khair uz Zaman
The Contracting Firm's Failure and Financial Related Factors: A Case Study of Malaysian Contracting Firms
Mohd. Suberi Ab Halim, Mastura Jaafar, Omar Osman and Sher Akbar
Measuring the Impact of Changing Oil Prices and other Macro Economic Variables on GDP in the Context of Pakistan's Economy
Naveed Iqbal Syed
Is the Put Option in U.S. Structured Bonds Good News for Both Bondholders and Stockholders?
Manish Tewari and Pradipkumar Ramanlal
Efficient or Inefficient Portfolio Optimization? A Size-based Analysis
Yung-Ho Chang and Chia-Chung Chan
Firm-specific Stock Information and Stock Repurchases
Chia-Chung Chan and Chia-Yi Lin
Determinant of Corporate Financial Distress in an Emerging Market Economy: Empirical Evidence from the Indonesian Stock Exchange 2004-2008
Koes Pranowo, Noer Azam Achsani, Adler H.Manurung and Nunung Nuryartono
Economy of Non-Profit Organizations, Charities and Donations
José Rigoberto Parada Daza
Momentum Effect of High- and Low-performing Stocks in Taiwan: A Quantile Regression Analysis
Chi-Lu Peng, Jen-Sin Lee , Kam C. Chan and David S. Shyu
Brokerage Firms: Tigers and Underdogs
Önder Kaymaz, Özgür Kaymaz, Ece Erdener Acar
Impact of the Per Pupil Expenditures on Academic Achievement of Students at the Secondary Stage in Punjab (Pakistan)
Muhammad Arshad Dahar, Rashida Ahmad Dahar, Muhammad Zafar Iqbal and Fayyaz Ahmad Faize
Does Education Alleviate Poverty? Empirical Evidence from Pakistan
Imran Sharif Chaudhry, Shahnawaz Malik, Abo ul Hassan and Muhammad Zahir Faridi
The Initial Public Offerings of Chinese State-Owned Enterprises in Hong Kong Stock Exchange
William Cheng
Fiscal Revenue Consideration for Potential Tax Treaties in AFTA: Theoretical Exercise and Application on Thailand's Data
Euamporn Phijaisanit