International Research Journal of Finance and Economics
 Issue 40
 June, 2010
Modeling Value-at-Risk for Oil Prices Using a Bootstrapping Approach
Ming-Chih Lee, Chien-Liang Chiu and Wan-Hsiu Cheng
Women in Internal Auditing Profession in Malaysia
Nahariah Jaffar, Abdul Rani Abdullah Mohd Zamani Rakesh A.B. Seddek Mohd Nazri Mohd Yatim and Norazian Husen
Analysis of Portfolio Diversifications Efficiency in Emerging African Stock Markets
Ibrahim A. Onour
An Empirical Investigation of the Demutualization Impact on Market Performance of Stock Exchanges
Arwa Morsy and Kami Rwegasira
Macroeconomic Factors that Affected Business Cycles before the 50s, after the 80s and during the Intermediate Period: Empirical Findings on the US Economy
Konstantinos P. Vergos, Apostolos G. Christopoulos and Lina Kosteletou
The Effects of Financial Deepening on Stock Market Returns and Volatility: Evidence from Nigeria
Nwezeaku, N.C
Shaky Pillars: Are Micro and Macroeconomic Fundamentals Enough to Explain the Strength of the Nigeria Stock Exchange?
Chukwuma Agu and Chioma Chukwuma-Agu
The Impact of Public Sector Financial Management on the Economies of Sub-Saharan Africa
Nwezeaku N. C
Investigation of Causality between FIIs’ Investment and Stock Market Returns
Mohd. Aamir Khan, Rohit, Siddharth Goyal, Vinit Ranjan amd Gaurav Agrawal
Predictive Power of a Structural Model of Exchange Rate in South Africa: The Unbiased Forward Rate Hypothesis
Lumengo Bonga-Bonga
Exploring Market Efficiency and Structural Differences between the Greek and the Western Capital Markets in the Context of Mergers and Acquisitions
Ioannis A. Tampakoudis
Schooling and Wage Distribution for Male and Female Employees in the Public and Private Sector
Selahattin Güri?, Ebru Ça?lay and ?rem Saçakl? Saç?ld?
Does Demutualization Matter to the Financial Performance of Stock Exchanges? An Investigation of Demutualized Member Stock Exchanges of the World Federation of Exchanges
Arwa Morsy and Kami Rwegasira
Exploring the Optimal Holding Periods with Different Risk Criteria in Taiwan Stock Market
Mu-Lan Wang, Ching-Ping Wang and Chen, Yen-Chih
Did IMF Put Out the Fire or Start One when the Financial Crisis Struck Asia?
Su-Hsing Hung and Ming-Jang Weng
The Analysis of Factors Affecting Investment Choices of Households in Turkey with Multinomial Logit Model
Halil Tunal? and Ferda Yerdelen Tatoğlu
Analyzing Indian Transfer Pricing Regulations: A Case Study
Monica Singhania
Financial Leverage and Investment Opportunities in India: An Empirical Study
Monica Singhania and Abir Seth